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Tiger Lily (pseudonym) has been in leadership roles that involve vision casting, strategic planning and implementation, and leadership training.

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China’s Dream and the New Renaissance?

Well, the cat's out of the bag and Xi is indeed akin to Li Shi Min, as he talks about the "China Dream" and leading China into its "new renaissance", in other words, its new golden age.

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So What Are We to Do about the “Hovering Fog and Filthy Air”?

Following up on her January 30, 2013 blog, Tiger Lily poses a question.

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Fair is foul and foul is fair: Hover through the fog and filthy air

January saw some of the worst pollution in China with readings as high as over 800 for PM 2.5.

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Is Xi the Modern Day Li Shi Min Leading China into Its New Golden Age?

It is often enlightening to observe what TV programs are being shown to get an inkling of what the government wants people to think. Leading up to the Olympics and June 2009, there were numerous TV serials about the Ming dynasty and Chinese venturing to places like Southeast Asia in search of a better life but not forgetting their Chinese roots. One particular serial was "" which recounts the time of China's maritime supremacy in the 1400s this all just before the 60th anniversary of its navy in 2009 and subsequent flexing of its muscles in the South China Sea.

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The End of Cheap China

A new book is on its way and this will be of interest especially to those involved in business one way or another. It's supposed to be out in December so if you get this as a Christmas present and read this book, please do post a review.

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The Church, Its Impact on Society and Partnership with the International Christian Community

If there are to be more active and mature working relationships between foreign and local believers, it is essential that there be a better understanding of the degree to which local Chinese churches are poised to be able to take one the responsibility of helping their own communities and those beyond. The time may be ripe for there to be more dialogue on how foreign believers can transition from taking an active initiative in reaching out to local communities to that of taking on a more supportive, facilitative and mentoring role.

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Dreams of a Chinese Sports Outreach

Sports events can become a means to encourage Christian service.

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Preparing for the Future

A Tool for Strategic Planning

China 2020: Future Scenarios, A workshop report prepared by The National Bureau of Asian Research; held February, 2007 in Warrenton, Virginia. Forthcoming from ChinaSource.

Reviewed by Tiger Lily

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Globalization and the Impact of Short-Term Teams for 2008

As the world becomes increasingly interdependent, the opportunity for short-term teams working in China increases. What impact will short-term teams have in 2008 when China is highlighted on the world's stage?