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New Animated Series to Share the Gospel

Are you looking for a new tool to start gospel conversations? Check out this new film series entitled, What Is Home? or 《 何以为家》. The animated series, designed in the style of Chinese ink paintings, aims to reach East Asian people groups with the gospel creatively and intentionally.

Film brings people together. It brings a story to life in a way that no other medium of storytelling can. Media evangelism breaks barriers of communication to connect viewers to the story and themes at hand.

The What is Home? film series addresses themes of peace, joy, happiness, and the meaning of life. The episodes were originally written by a Chinese source and finalized in Taiwan. Each video is about three minutes long.

Here is an overview of each episode.

“Happiness Puzzle” shows a family struggling to find happiness in many areas of their lives. We see a woman navigating difficulties in her marriage and with parenting. She questions the last time she smiled. Similarly, her husband finds himself in a job that he doesn’t like. In this episode, we learn that we can find happiness with God, no matter what circumstance we find ourselves in. A life with God does not mean a life without trouble, but one where God is always with us.

“Song of the Reeds” features a woman who is like a reed bent by the water. We learn that she used to enjoy life, but now she is depressed and doesn’t feel like life is what it used to be. She even questions if anyone sees her or cares about her. Then, she introduces viewers to Adam and Eve’s story from the Bible. She shares that everything changed when sin entered the world. Like this woman, Adam and Eve felt lonely and experienced pain. But that’s not the end of the story. The woman remembers that she is not alone. God is with her. He sent his son, Jesus, to be a human on Earth. Therefore, he understands what we are going through because he endured similar trials.

“Crushing” is about how we may feel pressured by other people’s expectations of us, but Jesus can give us freedom. One woman feels the pressure of life and feels as if she’s a disappointment to many. She wants to yell but she doesn’t. She remembers that with Jesus, she is free from bondage. She understands she may be judged by others but accepts her true worth comes from Jesus.

“Coming Home” is a modern-day story similar to the prodigal son. A son leaves his father and brother to pursue his dreams. He takes with him their inheritance. Instead of succeeding, he loses all the money. He avoids his family for 10 years out of shame. The man’s father welcomes him home and he learns his brother made a huge sacrifice for him. The episode concludes with a prayer inviting the viewer to begin a personal relationship with God.

The films were produced by Jesus Film Project, a ministry that creates digital resources and films to reach everyone, everywhere in their heart language. A heart language is often the first language someone speaks at home; it’s the language that represents their cultural and geographic identity.

The series is available on Jesus Film Project’s website, and on the Jesus Film Project app, which is free to download on the App Store and Google Play. You’ll find the full series, plus discussion questions for each episode. You can also watch the series on YouTube. The episodes are available in Mandarin, Cantonese, and English.

If you would like to learn more about how you can use this resource in your ministry, you can reach out to Jesus Film Project directly at

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Image courtesy of Jesus Film Project.

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