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Reaching Those Who Aren’t Interested

An approach and an opportunity reaching the Chinese community in America in Chicago and beyond.

ChinaSource Perspective

Tea and Evangelism

ChinaSource Vice President of Partnership and China Engagement, Joann Pittman, recounts her observations of women in ministry over her 20 years spent in China.

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3 Questions: Using WeChat for Gospel Outreach

A Chinese sister tells how she uses WeChat to share the gospel with her family and friends.

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A Tea House Ministry in Chicago

Something about tea in little cups encourages people to open up and reveal their hearts.

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Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing

A Book Review

An excellent book for anyone who engages with cultural Chinese or who is doing the challenging work of contextualization. 

Chinese Church Voices

Remembering Billy Graham in China

A look in pictures at the special ties Billy Graham had to China.


Reaching Chinese Worldwide

Reaching Chinese Worldwide introduces the many ways in which Christians may communicate the truth and love of God in Christ to Chinese around the world. This nearly comprehensive survey contains both fundamental principles and practical suggestions useful for all those wanting to make a Christian impact on China.

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Father’s Day in China: A Gospel Opportunity

Father’s Day in China, like many other countries, falls on the third Sunday in June. It is not an official holiday in China, nor is it widely observed, especially in comparison to other similar holidays such as Mother’s Day and Children’s Day. Yet, for those working among Chinese (in any context) it does provide a unique opportunity to generate gospel-oriented discussion given the central theme of God the Father in the Bible. 

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Effective Outreach among Chinese—No Visa Required

 China in Our Midst: Reaching Chinese International Students in America by Glen Osborn and Daniel Su of China Outreach Ministries (COM) will help anyone who wants to get involved in serving and reaching Chinese students but is uncertain about how to do it or wonders if they are qualified.

Chinese Church Voices

Evangelism, Reformed Theology, and Church Life, Part 3

 Last week we posted the second part of an article from ChurchChina about the impact of Reformed theology on evangelism in “Y Church.” Part one discussed the current situation of Y Church. The second part described in more detail how the research findings describe the impact of Reformed theology on Y Church’s evangelism. The third part gives recommendations for Y Church’s evangelism. This is part three.