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Building Bridges in 2024

If all we know about China is what we hear on the news, we’re going to have a very skewed perspective, especially when it comes to Christians in China. In an environment of ever-increasing security and suspicion, how do we hear from Chinese Christians? How can we find out about the ways God is working in China?  

For over 25 years, ChinaSource has served as a bridge between Chinese Christians and the global church. We build the bridge in several different ways. First, we are dedicated to being a platform for the many voices of Chinese Christians and foreign gospel workers. We publish first-person accounts of life in China, analyze current events through a biblical lens, and offer context to help readers understand the many facets of Chinese culture and history. Our publications reinforce our dedication to building relationships that strengthen unity in Christ among believers around the world, especially those working in China and with the Chinese diaspora.

ChinaSource is a relational ministry, prioritizing oneness in Jesus Christ. In addition to our publications, we also focus on partnership development. We actively seek to introduce people and organizations who might work together in order to strengthen the common bonds and language of the China ministry community. At the same time, partnerships encourage sharing new ideas and perspectives. This organic and complimentary ministry structure enhances participation in the Great Commission and fuels the expansion of our Lord’s kingdom. 

The women and men using ChinaSource resources to serve God in their ministries say these projects are vital. 

A ministry practitioner serving the body of Christ in China recently said this,

Thank you for helping us to understand the wider picture of the work of God in China and for introducing us to exciting and fruitful ministry leaders who are interested in partnering together!

China has an unreached population of 1.3 billion people (17% of the global population), so the importance of investing in Great Commission work in China can’t be overstated.  

Would you prayerfully consider making a financial gift to ChinaSource this year to help continue the momentum for kingdom advancement? We are raising US$255,900 by the end of December to fuel this work for the year ahead and still need to raise US$121,104. Thank you for your heart for God’s work in China and for the joy and privilege of partnering with you.  

I will partner with ChinaSource to advance God’s kingdom in China!

Have a blessed Christmas!

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Image credit: Leino194 via Pixabay.
Peter Arneson

Peter Arneson

Peter Arneson serves ChinaSource as the Director of Advancement, helping supporters connect the dots between passion for ministry to Chinese and opportunity to engage. Other than the Hong Kong airport, Peter has never been to China but has a passion for serving the global church.    View Full Bio

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