Where Did Eastern Lightning’s Ideas Come From?

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Eastern Lightning’s ideas that deny the Trinity developed from Witness Lee’s teachings concerning the Trinity. Witness Lee’s teachings were twisted in the Mainland and eventually mutated into Eastern Lightning’s modalistic doctrine that there is only one God who used different names in different dispensations.

Who was Witness Lee?

Witness Lee (李常受) was a follower of and co-worker with Watchman Nee. While Watchman Nee was an orthodox and influential Christian leader, he had some unusual views. His most famous unusual teaching was that denominations are wrong and that all believers in an area belong to the same local body. Churches in his group were known as Local Churches (地方教会) or Assembly Halls (聚会处). His group was also referred to as the Little Flock (小群).

Watchman Nee was arrested in China in 1955 and stayed in prison until his death in 1972.1

Witness Lee, however, wrote and lectured extensively outside of China. In 1949 he went to Taiwan and then moved to the United States in 1974. He helped promote the growth of Watchman Nee’s Local Church movement outside of China and also founded Living Stream Ministry (水流職事站), the publishing arm of the Local Church movement.

Witness Lee died in 1997.

Witness Lee and the Trinity

Many of Witness Lee’s teachings concerning the Trinity sound very much like modalismthe heresy that God was only one person who acted in different modes at different times.

Witness Lee denied that God was three persons.2 He considered the teaching that God is three persons to border on “tritheism.” Witness Lee preferred the term “Triune God” (三一神) to the term “Trinity” (三位一体). He believed that the Father, the Son and the Spirit, though “distinct,” were one person. He believed that Jesus was the “Triune God mingled with man.”3 After Jesus’ death and resurrection, Jesus became the Spirit.4 Witness Lee denied that his teaching was modalism.5 Even if it is not modalism, some of it sounds very close to modalism.6 Whatever the case, Witness Lee’s teachings and the changes they underwent in China were an important factor in the development of Eastern Lightning.

Witness Lee’s teachings in China

In 1967 Witness Lee started the “Calling Out” (or “Shouting”) Movement (呼喊运动). He said that the Age of the Word had ended, and now it was the Age of the Spirit. Witness Lee taught that believers must “eat the Lord” (吃主) and the way to do this was by calling out or shouting his name (呼喊主名). Calling out his name was the way to release the Spirit in this Age of the Spirit.7

After Deng Xiaoping’s “opening up” of China in 1979, Witness Lee sent followers from overseas to Wenzhou (a city in Zhejiang Province) to contact believers from Watchman Nee’s Local Church movement. They reportedly brought with them large amounts of Witness Lee’s books, pamphlets and recordings. Within a few short years, their influence had spread throughout Zhejiang, Fujian, Henan, Guangdong and other places.8 During their meetings they would shout “Jesus is Lord!” in an attempt to practice Witness Lee’s teaching about calling out the Lord’s name. This is how they got the nickname “Shouters” (呼喊派).9

The Shouters (呼喊派) and the Local Churches (地方教会)

The term “Shouters” is not a precise term. The term “Shouters” covers many true believers. But some have used the term in a narrow sense to refer only to certain groups who have distorted the teachings of Witness Lee and have broken with the Local Churches.10 Not all Shouters accept Witness Lee’s teachings, and not all followers of Witness Lee are Shouters.11 In particular, many Local Churches that follow Watchman Nee and Witness Lee are law-abiding groups that reject the term “Shouters.”12

Some Shouters and the Trinity

Some (not all) Shouters took Witness Lee’s questionable doctrine of the Trinity one step further and became complete modalists. These groups held that the Father became the Son and was no longer the Father; the Son became the Spirit and was no longer the Son.13 That is, the Father, the Son and the Spirit are modes by which God manifests himself in different eras. They are not distinct persons.

The “Lord Changshou” sect

One branch of the Shouters held Witness Lee in such high esteem that they began to regard his authority and status as greater than Christ’s.14 They called Witness Lee “Lord Changshou” (常受主)15 (“Changshou” is Witness Lee’s given name). This, of course, goes far beyond the actual teaching of Witness Lee, who never proposed to set himself above Christ. Witness Lee acknowledged the fact that some people had started to worship him and made some attempt to stop it.16

It has been reported that in 1995, this branch of the Shouters distributed 15 million tracts in 20 major cities in China declaring that Witness Lee was the living Christ and that he would become the new king of the universe.17

This “Lord Changshou” sect believed that you must call upon the Lord Changshou to be saved; that Jesus is someone of the past and will not return to save the world; and that Lord Changshou will return to save the world.18

One can easily see how this cult became a pattern for Eastern Lightning. Indeed, the founder of Eastern Lightning was first part of the “Lord Changshou” sect.

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