William Bennett

William Bennett is a US attorney and Hong Kong solicitor who has lived with his family in Hong Kong and the China mainland for a combined 23 years.


Eastern Lightning Eschatology

The following eschatological scheme is what I have pieced together from scattered statements in Eastern Lightning writings. It does not seem altogether consistent, and it may not reflect the common understanding among the cult's rank and file.


Orthodox Doctrine of the Trinity

The orthodox doctrine of the Trinity (三位一体) is that there is one God (一神) in three persons (三个位个).


Where Did Eastern Lightning Come From?

A brief discussion of the origins and evolution of the Eastern Lightning cult, an introduction


Where Did Eastern Lightning’s Ideas Come From?

Section three of "Where did Eastern Lightning Come From?" This section looks at the origins of Eastern Lightning's ideas.


Where Did Eastern Lightning’s Leaders Come From?

Section two of "Where Did Eastern Lightning Come From?"


Brief Look at Some of Eastern Lightning’s False Teachings

Section four of "Where Did Eastern Lightening Come From." This section looks at some of the teachings of Eastern Lightening.