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Ministry of Education Goals for 2001

Ministry of Education Goals for 2001 

  1. Universalize nine-year compulsory education, accelerate the development of secondary education and continue to expand higher education.
  2. Adjust the educational structure to meet the demand of national development and the development of the west.
  3. Develop quality education and quality teacher education.
  4. Emphasize innovation in educational management, deepen the reform of educational administration and employ laws and regulations for school management.
  5. Speed up the construction of information technology education and build up the system of life-long education.
  6. Ensure the development of world-class, high-level universities, encourage university participation in the “Tenth Five-year Plan,” and establish 15 National University High-tech Parks.
  7. Strive to increase the government’s educational investment and improve working and living conditions for schoolteachers.
  8. Implement the National Language Law and reinforce information management of oral and written languages.
  9. Reinforce the Party’s construction for “thought and political work” in higher education institutions and correct unhealthy tendencies.

Source: China Education Daily, January 15, 2001

Image credit: Chairman Mao by Cory M. Grenier via Flickr.
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