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An Updated Report on the State of Reformed Theological Education in China

The rapid rate of cultural change in China affects the delivery of theological education. While this makes Reformed theological education more challenging than previously, the Reformed tradition is taking hold and spreading throughout China today.

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It’s Like Sipping from a Fire Hose

A Webinar for Learning about China

A webinar exploring ways to learn about China, from language and culture to history and contemporary society. What books to read? What online resources to dip into? Not to point you to facts and figures, but to provide tools that will set you on a path of life-long learning.

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APU’s MA TESOL $6000 Scholarship

Earn a Master’s Degree while teaching, serving, and living in China.

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Conference on English Language Teaching

An English teaching conference centered on the theme Imago Dei: Celebrating the Beauty and Benefits of Diversity.

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I Wish They Knew

A university teacher in China answers the question, "Do you have a list of things you wish foreigners knew when they came to your campus?”

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Helping Chinese Families Prepare for Birth

Providing maternity care to Chinese women wherever they are.

Chinese Church Voices

A Prayer of Thanks before the Gaokao

A mother shares how she and her son prayed together for his gaokao exam.

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Approaching the Christian Tradition in Chinese Academic Settings

A reflection on the paradox of teaching in an officially atheistic state and yet having the opportunity to teach Christian and religious material.

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Cross-Cultural Education in China—and in Chinese Families

Chinese parents often assume that their children attending international schools have the same attitudes, values, and language skills as those attending Chinese schools, but the instruction on how to think—and behave in society—follows different cultural norms.

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The Impact of School Culture

What is considered normal and acceptable in education varies from culture to culture. Understanding cultural values is crucial for students to succeed.