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Changing the Rules of the Game

China’s New Era and New Media

The author explores the opportunities as well as negative effects brought by increased freedom of speech allowed in China in recent years. He then discusses why communication ethics and public theology need attention. Finally, he addresses the more recent, stringent regulations and overall tightening of freedom of expression and what is being done to respond to these changes.

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A Lived Theology Approach to “Seeing” the Chinese Church

Reflecting on “Chinese Christianity in the Modern Era” (1)

To begin this reflective series based on the webinar, “Chinese Christianity in the Modern Era," we consider what it means to see the whole of the Chinese church and what theological lenses are needed to make sense of what we see.

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Who Is Doing Public Theology in China?

A Book Review

A review of Alexander Chow's Chinese Public Theology: Generational Shifts and Confucian Imagination in Chinese Christianity.