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Chinese Church Voices

A Historic Church in Fujian Province Restored

The Mingdao Church in Fuzhou, with its long, rich history, is undergoing restoration. This post gives an update on that restoration.


The Registered Church in China

Flourishing in a Challenging Environment

Wayne Ten Harmsel pulls back for Western readers the shroud of mystery surrounding Chinese registered churches. Through interviews with Chinese pastors, evangelists, and lay Christians, he provides a rare view of what it means to live in the shadow of both the government and the well-known house churches.

ChinaSource Conversations

Balthasar in Light of Early Confucianism

An Interview with Joshua Brown

In this interview Dr. Jesse Ciccotti talks with Dr. Joshua Brown about his monograph Balthasar in Light of Early Confucianism, published by University of Notre Dame Press in 2020.

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Fervent Faith and Audacious Hope

Reflections on China Today and God’s Purpose

A Perspective on China for today.

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Variations on a Theme

Our China stories are not merely descriptions of an objective reality manifesting itself in the Chinese church; they speak to where we believe China’s church is (or should be) going.

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Seeing Things Differently

In proposing that we need to get beyond the “persecuted church” narrative, I am not advocating . . . that we leave it behind completely, but rather that we recognize its limits.

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The Chinese Church’s Context May Be More Complex than You Thought

Without grappling with the complex social and political context of the Chinese church, we are not able to fully understand why the church itself is so complex or how to develop a proper relationship with the church in China.

Book Reviews

Understanding World Christianity: China

A Book Review

Part of the World Christianity Series being produced by Fortress Press, this 2019 publication provides both a panoramic view and thoughtful analysis of many key issues in Chinese Christianity today.

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The Blessing—China

Wherever you are in this summer of pandemic, may the Lord make his face to shine upon you.

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Unanswered Questions

We know the church in China has grown, but what has influenced individuals to place their trust in Christ?