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Mapping China’s Christian Legacy

The Story of the China Historical Christian Database

At a time when the study of Christianity in China is becoming more difficult, the CHCD opens a new portal to explore China’s Christian past. The tool might be different than rummaging through a traditional archive, but by repackaging archival materials into an online tool it invites anyone to ask, “What could be discovered if…?”

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“Kiwis” in the Middle Kingdom

New Zealanders Serving God’s Mission in China from 1877 to 1953 and Beyond

Yuan provides an extensive overview of early mission work in China done by New Zealanders. She acquaints us with mission agencies and some of the missionaries as she describes how the work progressed.

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History of Student Ministry in China

Starting in 1818 and continuing to the present, the author provides an overview of the history of student ministry in China.

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A Foot Wide on the Edge of Nowhere

A Book Review

The story of Olive and Theo Simpkin.

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God’s Work among the Lisu

Over 100 years ago, God began a work along the steep inclines above the Nujiang River in Yunnan that greatly impacted the Lisu people and many others along with and through them.

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A New Year, a New Building

A church with a long history celebrates a new building.

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10 Women Who Served China

Ten pioneering Western female missionaries to China who with their Chinese co-laborers made significant  contributions to missions work in China.

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The Last China Inland Mission Pastor

It is easy to think of the China Inland Mission era as being in the distant past. This article, translated from the mainland site Christian Times reminds us that it is not as far away as we thought.

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A Church Celebrates 80 Years

On May 28, the Gospel Times reported on the 80th anniversary celebrations of a church in Yunnan Province. The church’s history is an interesting window into the denominational twists and turns (some might say confusion) that were often a part of church growth and development in China.

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China My Love: Pastor Taylor

On the occasion of Dr. James Hudson IIIs death in 2009, Sina Weibo user @何超人 posted a short video highlighting his life and work in China.