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Reconciling a Church Split

Regrettably, if you have been a Christian for a while, you most likely have either heard of a church split or experienced one. While many church splits do not have a happy ending relationally, I know of at least one that does…

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Book Club: Shanghai Faithful

Join Joann Pittman for an online discussion on Jennifer Lin’s book, Shanghai Faithful: Betrayal and Forgiveness in a Chinese Christian Family.

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God Continues to Speak Tibetan

Throughout the work of the NTB, the Holy Spirit showed up time and time again by giving the translators “lexical surprises.” God gave words to express the Bible message, surprising words that were embedded in the language and waiting for discovery by the translators.

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Summer 2023 Reading List from ChinaSource

Dive in and enjoy our summer reading recommendations.

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《亲子共成长》Growing through Parenting

A New Resource for Chinese Parents

A new book emphasizing the opportunity for parents to grow as they raise their children—to grow and become more like Jesus.

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From Brush Strokes to Unicode—How China Became Modern

A Book Review of Kingdom of Characters

Official and popular attitudes towards the written language vacillate between shame (characters are too awkward, slowing China’s development) and pride (characters are China’s unique cultural heritage) …China’s place among the nations rises in tandem with the development of her language, revealing the intimate relationship between linguistic modernization and the modernization of the nation itself.

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Sober Optimism

Opposition and Opportunity

This conversation did raise for me, two important questions. How do we view the world around us, and particularly its political and social institutions? And how will God’s redemptive plan, God’s kingdom, be ushered in in all of its fullness?

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Our Books for the Summer of 2022

In case you’re looking for summer reading ideas, here’s a list of books that are in the summer book bags of the ChinaSource team members.

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Three Little Pandas in a Pandemic

A Book for Families

Imagine the confusion for young children who left their toys at home when they went on vacation, and then never returned. Instead, they found themselves back in the land of their grandparents, often bouncing from one temporary home to another.

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Take Language Learning Seriously

A Book Recommendation

For many engaged in cross-cultural service (or preparing for it), language learning is often one of the most daunting tasks. Especially for those of us whose only experience is Spanish or French class in the American educational system, we are wholly unprepared, and most likely don’t even know where to begin.