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Speeding Up? Or Slowing Down?

A Study on the Current Church Growth Situation in China

[…] in from other churches, believers who study/ work in other places, etc. However, after talking to the church leaders, we realized that it is very difficult to get such information, for most churches in China do not keep such records and the church leaders themselves have no idea at all about the figures. In […]

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Reading Tea Leaves from the 2021 National Religious Work Conference

[…] It’s also hard not to fall asleep when the language is so rigid and repetitive and so many phrases seem to lose meaning as they blur to gether. So why is it worthwhile spending any time on this at all? In fact, the work conferences for China’s religious affairs officials are where the real […]

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Anticipating Urban China

[…] The government recently issued a report noting that the air in 137 cities—nearly 40 per cent of China’s total—was so foul that it exceeded medium-range government tar gets, and that there was a serious shortage of sewage treatment facilities as well. Additionally, in recent years the landscape has also become blighted by the widespread […]

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Next Generation Missions

Indigitous Serve

Indigitous Serve cohorts help young adults find their place in global missions. The virtual program mobilizes people to collaborate and lowers barriers to get involved.

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Get Back in the Sandbox!

[…] have been ignored and that there too many people running up and down the beach outside of its control, so now the Party-state is saying: Government officials! Get back in the sandbox. Business leaders! Get back in the sandbox. Educators! Get back in the sandbox. Lawyers! Get back in the sandbox. Internet Providers! Get […]

Chinese Church Voices

When Your Phone Becomes a Substitute for True Relationships

What would lead an 18-year-old boy from a top class to stab his teacher and show no remorse? In this interview transcript, originally published on the mainland blog Territory, host Wenjun speaks with Jiang Peirong, a Taiwanese psychologist and Christian, about what might have led to this shocking event.

View From the Wall

A Field Study of “The Church of Almighty God” Cult

[…] an entire group into its organization. It continues to achieve this by targeting the leader of an unregistered Christian church. Using persuasion, violence and other means, it gets the leader to become a member and then absorbs the entire group. In field interviews, some willing adherents were found; however, due to the cult’s extreme […]

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Islam has the largest number of under-30 believers in China?

Christian Today has posted an article with this headline: “Islam is the most popular religion for under-30s in China." The lead says: Islam has the largest number of young believers in China, new research has found, despite the growth of Christianity in the country and an atheist government. The China Religion Survey 2015, released […]

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Where Can Someone Get a Bible in China?

Editor’s note: Don’t miss the 2023 update to this post, “Can I Still Get a Bible in China?” That’s a question I hear quite a bit whenever I speak on China. People want to know about the availability of Bibles in China. Unfortunately many people still believe that owning a Bible is illegal in […]

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Where to Get a Bible in China

Editor’s note: Be sure to check out the 2023 update to this post, entitled “Can I Still Get a Bible in China?” In 2014 I wrote a blog post titled “Where Can Someone Get a Bible in China?” Given that much has changed in China since that time I thought it would be good […]