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New Media Missions: Igniting Mission Life

Our social networks serve as a conduit for others to understand our lives, our faith, and the transformative impact of our beliefs. New media offers the most accessible, effective, and personal means for interaction and connection. Our virtual community becomes our broadest mission field, accessible to all for engagement.

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Reassessing Digital Engagement, Part III

Can some information regarding Jesus, the gospel, and life-with-God be communicated through digital means? Yes, absolutely. But discipleship is the transformation of a person into Christ’s likeness, and the normal, everyday means of that happening is people in vital, real (as opposed to virtual), personal relationships with one another.

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Reassessing Digital Engagement, Part II

A hard question worth asking is, what does effectiveness in evangelism and discipleship really look like, and in what ways do digital techniques support these best discipleship practices?

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Reassessing Digital Engagement, Part I

Lest readers…brand me as a Luddite, I do believe there are good uses to newly developed digital technology, and some of the best uses are for information transfer, some forms of education…and establishing relationships in new geographical contexts where they might otherwise be difficult to find.

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The Need for Innovation and Digital Transformation

By redeeming technology, Christians can redefine their engagement in the Great Commission and empower the discipleship of the next generation to carry global missions forward.

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A Digital Resource for the Global Body

The GodTools app is a new way for Christians to get training in evangelism so they can be ready to share Christ with friends and family. Download it and find culturally appropriate articles in over a hundred languages.

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We Have Been Harmonized

A Book Review

“The China we once knew no longer exists. The China that was with us for forty years—the China of ‘reform and opening up’—is making way for something new.”

Chinese Church Voices

Facial Recognition and the Church

It's quite common that people in China have to have their faces and identity cards scanned before being allowed into high-speed rail stations, but the same approach has triggered controversies when used in some churches. 

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Facing Reality

If facial recognition technology is being rolled out in every other public space, why would we think churches and other religious institutions would be exempt?