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What does it take to have a conversation about faith nowadays? Many Christians today don’t know how to attempt evangelism for fear of being unprepared or being labeled as pushy and judgmental. Many others find it difficult to even bring up their Christian identity in casual conversation. What can be done?

Let me introduce you to the GodTools app. GodTools is a platform dedicated to providing training and effective solutions for evangelism. The app is designed to help every Christian have access to realistic, contextualized, and gospel-centered evangelism resources. That means that whether you are talking with your sister in Singapore or asking deeper questions with your co-worker in California, GodTools can help you take the next step in sharing your faith.

GodTools is used around the world by Christians everywhere to learn how to share their faith and then actually share it. In 2023 alone, GodTools has seen more than 1,200 Chinese-speaking users from a wide variety of regions and countries access and share the gospel in the GodTools app.

Not only is GodTools available in over a hundred languages, the app also offers tools and lessons to help users learn and share their faith. Tools are contextualized resources designed to communicate the gospel clearly. As an example, the tool “Honor Restored” is specially designed to be shared with people from an honor-shame background like that of Eastern Asia. Lessons like “How to Move Your Conversations to a Deeper Level” help users prepare and learn practical tips. Users can also share content with their friends and family right from the app.

Regardless of the next step you’re trying to take, GodTools is a tried and tested resource for Christians everywhere to engage with their friends, family, and neighbors about Jesus. Go to to learn more and find links to download both Android and Apple versions.

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Image credit: Terimakasih0 via Pixabay.
Justin Sooter

Justin Sooter

Justin Sooter is the product leader of GodTools, a UX designer, and avid-fly fisherman based in Orlando, FL where he lives with his wife, daughter, and dog Jasper. With a background in advertising and web design, he applies these skills to help millions of believers and partners around the globe, …View Full Bio