The Lantern on Outreach

The Lantern

China’s Church and World Evangelization

In an historic gathering at the end of June, some 100 church leaders from China joined with their counterparts from around Asia and beyond for the Asian Church Leaders Forum, held in Seoul, Korea. This conference was particularly meaningful in that most of these leaders had planned to attend the 2010 Lausanne Congress in Cape Town, South Africa, but at the last minute were prevented from leaving China. Nearly three years later, their vision of being able to take their "seat at the table" with other leaders from around the globe became a reality.

The Lantern

CANTALL: A Missiology for China

In recent years we have rejoiced to hear that the church in China is responding to the Great Commission and sending workers into the harvest fields, both at home in China and beyond China's borders. Most often we hear of the Back to Jerusalem (BTJ) movement with its inspiring call for the Chinese to bring the gospel full circle back to its origins. Yet there is much more involved than a simple trajectory through the Middle East to Jerusalem.