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China’s Church and World Evangelization

This meeting represented perhaps the first time that such a broad spectrum of Chinese church leaders from multiple regions of China and multiple streams within the unregistered church was able to meet with an equally broad spectrum of international evangelical leaders. Much of the focus was, understandably, on the Chinese church itself, with various representatives from China painting in broad strokes something of the complexity of China's church through reports, case studies, testimonies, and interactive workshops.

However, in a testimony to the vision and maturity of China's church, these pastors also engaged in deep discussion with mission leaders representing Africa, Latin America, North America, Europe, and elsewhere in Asia, regarding the China church's role in world evangelization. Most of these leaders would be quick to acknowledge that the church's nascent mission movement faces many challenges. They nevertheless affirmed their commitment to participate in world missions through prayer, mobilization, education and sending.

In the Spring 2013 ChinaSource Quarterly we took an in-depth look at how the church in China is preparing for involvement in cross-cultural missions. These articles take on a new sense of urgency in view of the Seoul gathering. (See below)

At the close of the event, church leaders from China presented the Seoul Commitment, a concise but wide-ranging statement affirming their desire to participate with the global church in the task of world missions. The Commitment expresses the aspirations of China's church as well as the challenges it faces as it seeks to build up the community of faith within China while joining hands with the church internationally. The text of the Seoul Commitment can be viewed in Chinese and English on ChinaSource's Chinese Church Voices web site.

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For Prayer:

  1. Pray for the national leaders in the Indigenous Missionary Movement from China. Ask God to give them wisdom in making decisions that will shape this movement in the present and the future.
  2. Pray for those providing prefield training for Chinese missionaries. Pray that the gospel will become deeply rooted in the hearts of those they prepare.
  3. Pray for China's churches as they increasingly become missionary-sending churches and deal with issues distinctive to China.
  4. Pray that Chinese who are serving as missionaries or preparing to serve will have the wisdom, grace and humility to go as servants and the ability to adapt to new cultures.
  5. Pray for cooperation and collaboration among China's churches, training programs, sending agencies, missionaries and potential missionaries as they work together to obey the Great Commission.

ChinaSource Quarterly Spring 2013 issue: China's Indigenous Mission Movement

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ChinaSource Team

ChinaSource Team

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