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China in the Mirror: Challenges and Realities

Reflections on China, Part 1: The Context in 2024

I first went to China in 1985, serving there until 2012. The level of surveillance and scrutiny of expatriates at that time was high… While the current ministry context, with highly technological surveillance tools, feels restrictive, it appears to be a change in method, rather than a change in concept. We have been here all along.

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Robert Ekvall: Living on the Edge

A Book Review of Brave Son of Tibet

Robert and Betty went to the untamed Tibet and built relationships, preparing for themselves and others to move and live in these new areas. Robert was a visionary with deep understanding of the cultures, but also brave, as the title says, facing local robbers, politics, and later, war-haunted China.

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New Opportunities as the Narrative Changes

These new opportunities are a great way to gather regularly to pray for China, to pray and ask our Father to show us what he has for the future [and] be a part of forming the new narrative for Chinese missions.

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An Emerging Missions Movement in Asia

At the upcoming Arise Asia conference, I look forward to hearing first-hand what God is doing among his people in Asia and to discerning ways that we can be more deeply involved in mobilizing and serving the next generation of gospel workers from Asia.

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Back to Church in Post-COVID China

For most churches, stagnant ministry and the loss of believers were inevitable during the pandemic. Churches need to focus on how to expand further, gain new believers to compensate for the loss, and even achieve growth in the number of believers.

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The Paradigm Shifts as the Pendulum Swings

A Reader Responds to “When the ‘Golden Age’ Is Over”

Preventing infiltration through preaching, seen as a national security concern, has become a valid reason for prohibiting foreign missions whenever the pendulum swings towards the restrictive side…. I propose revisiting the concept of missions in order to find a breakthrough.

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Blessing Asia

From Bible exposition to K-pop worship, through seminars and workshops, Asia 2022 Congress participants were encouraged by the stories of what God is doing in countries all over Asia.

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Next Generation Missions

Indigitous Serve

Indigitous Serve cohorts help young adults find their place in global missions. The virtual program mobilizes people to collaborate and lowers barriers to get involved.

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CMC Global 2021

Register for CMC Global 2021 and be encouraged by what God is doing around the world.

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Practical Tips for Pastoral Enrichment (2)

Once a pastor is involved in full-time pastoral ministry it can be challenging to continue learning and growing in God’s word and effective ministry methods. This article from ChurchChina shares the insights of several pastors who participated in a forum on how to continue learning.