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Jesus in Little Africa

A look at the rise of Congolese Pentecostal churches in Guangzhou.

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China and Africa—A Reading Roundup

More on Sino-African relations . . .

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China and Africa: An Eternal Imprint

Africa is experiencing considerable change in the course of the unfolding relationship, but so is China.

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China and Africa — An Introduction

What is the current relationship between China and Africa, and what are its long-term implications? The author looks at the historical backgrounds and contemporary issues that address this question.

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The China in Africa Podcast

Listen as Dr. Christopher Rhodes explores the issue of converted Chinese migrants returning home from Africa and the potential political ramifications.


A Glimpse of “From Everywhere to Everywhere”

Comments from the guest editor.

Book Reviews

Sino-African Relations and International Contexts

The authors provide a brief history of Sino-African relations and international contexts to give readers a deeper understanding of the evolution of China’s engagement with Africa and modern Sino-African relations.

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10 Quotes about China’s Rise and the Church

from Brent Fulton’s article about the rising influence of China and its impact on the Western church.