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Globalization Affecting China

Vol. 9, No. 2

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Globalization: Is Anybody Home?

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in CS Quarterly, 2007 Summer.

Lead Article

The Effects of China’s Global Trajectory

The effects of China's increasing global influence and involvement is being felt both around the world and at home in China.

Supporting Article

Globalization and the Impact of Short-Term Teams for 2008

As the world becomes increasingly interdependent, the opportunity for short-term teams working in China increases. What impact will short-term teams have in 2008 when China is highlighted on the world's stage?

Supporting Article

Globalization and House Churches in China

As globalization has affected the country of China, it has also affected China's house churches. The effects have been both positive and negative and will continue to impact the house churches well into the future.

View From the Wall

China’s New Reality: Globalization

The effects of globalization on all areas of life in China an overview that sees both the positive effects and the negative.

Peoples of China

China’s Global Generation

What does the global generation look like in China? What implications are there for reaching this generation with the gospel?

Book Reviews

The Human Side of China’s Staggering Transformation

Oracle Bones: A Journey between China's Past and Present by Peter Hessler. 

Reviewed by Chan-Kei Thong

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Image credit: Shanghai Haze. by Let Ideas Compete, on Flickr.
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