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Rising Strong

A Journey of Faith and Growth Amidst the Pandemic

As a result of the happiness group, our church experienced significant growth, even doubling in size. Witnessing God’s work among us during the pandemic, we went on to establish our own missionary society in X Province, dispatched a small group of individuals.


A Survey of the Situation of Han Christian Churches and Christian Groups in Mainland China


The ten-part blog series, "God at Work: How the Church Grows in China," was based on church growth research done by Steve Z. This is the research paper, in both Chinese and English.

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Communism’s Questions, Christianity’s Answers

A case could be made that, for many Chinese, Christianity provides credible responses to questions that Communism raises but is ultimately unable to answer.

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5 Thoughts on How the Church Grows

What can we learn so far from this research?

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Why Chinese Become Christians

3 Additional Factors

Who and what most influenced Chinese believers to follow Christ?

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Demographics Beyond Numbers (2)

This set of demographics helps us understand the spiritual backgrounds of believers in China and their reasons for believing.

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Demographics Beyond Numbers

This first set of demographics helps us see who is in the churches we visited and who is responding to the survey.

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Seeking to Understand Church Growth in China

A survey to better understand fundamental questions about the state of the church and church members in today’s China.

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Unanswered Questions

We know the church in China has grown, but what has influenced individuals to place their trust in Christ?

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National Religion Surveys of China

What do two nationwide studies tell us about the growth of the church in China?