A Survey of the Situation of Han Christian Churches and Christian Groups in Mainland China


Earlier in 2020, ChinaSource asked several guest contributors to give their best estimate of the number of Christians in China. As was expected, the numbers varied greatly. However, regardless, of the conclusion one reaches it does seem clear that China’s church has experienced tremendous growth in recent years. This, then, leads us naturally to questions about how this growth has taken place.

Those questions were explored in a ten-part blog series entitled “God at Work: How the Church Grows in China.” Some of the titles included that series were “Why Chinese Become Christians,” “Four Decades of Church Growth in China,” and “Demographics Beyond Numbers.” The series was based on research done by Steve Z. The research paper in both Chinese and English is available for download below.

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Steve Z.

Steve Z. (pseudonym) is a pastor, writer, researcher, and specialist on church development.View Full Bio