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Happy New Year . . . Take 2!

While much of the world has moved on from year-end reflection and planning for 2020, those of us connected to China know that things are just getting started. With Chinese New Year just around the corner I want to take this opportunity to wish you once again—a blessed and happy New Year!  

I also want to thank you for your empowering encouragement in 2019 as ChinaSource moved through a year of transition and major change. You’ll read more about that below, but I want you to know your blessing, timely support and participation, and friendship have meant so much to me personally and to the entire ChinaSource team.

We pray that 2020 will be a year of strength and growth for you!

Kerry Schottelkorb

A Strengthened Position for What Lies Ahead

Throughout our history, there have been times of unpredictability in the Chinese church context, but 2019 proved to be a uniquely intense season of shaking, uncertainty, and concern for many called to serve the church in mainland China. In the face of uncertainty like this, there is always a choice to be made. We can choose to shrink back and play it safe, or press on into the unknown with faith and purpose.

At ChinaSource, we chose to press on and the result was an incredibly strong finish to the year!

We welcomed back our founder; added valuable members to the team; formed new partnerships; increased our capacity through technology; were graced by the sacrificial, volunteer efforts of many; and watched God provide wonderfully through our faithful prayer and financial partners to meet fully the year-end matching grant made possible by dear friends of ChinaSource!

The strong finish to 2019 emboldens us to face 2020 with great anticipation and renewed vigor. We recognize that this season of increased adversity for the church in China may not end soon and it is vitally important that the global church stays informed and connected to the church in China through the publications, partnerships, training, and consulting services that ChinaSource offers.

In 2020 we are committed to expanding the impact of ChinaSource. Plans are underway to strengthen the ChinaSource team, develop strategic partnerships, and establish new channels to distribute content from Christians inside China. We could not be more excited about the future; we look forward to engaging, praying, and partnering with you.

 May you know and be renewed in the rich grace of our Lord Jesus Christ throughout 2020!

The ChinaSource Team

Ways to Pray

  • Praise the Lord for the sacrifice of so many friends, longtime and new, who generously gave end-of-year gifts to help ChinaSource fully meet the 2019 matching challenges.
  • Praise the Lord that he is leading the way as we begin the new year and a new decade.
  • Pray that ChinaSource will be in alignment with the Holy Spirit as he informs and directs our steps, not only in visionary planning but in the daily matters before us.
  • Also pray that the ChinaSource team, board, associates, volunteers, and partners will serve together in the love, power, and unifying Spirit of the Triune God throughout the year.
  • Pray that Christ’s church will proclaim his gospel of grace throughout the Chinese New Year holidays.

News and Notes


Our China Stories: Unpacking Contemporary Narratives about the Church in China
February 10, 2020

What we fundamentally believe about China’s church goes a long way toward determining how we will choose to engage, how we view what is desirable—and what is possible. This webinar with ChinaSource founder Brent Fulton will explore four narratives about the church in China that have dominated Western Christian perceptions over the past four decades.

  1. The Persecuted Church
  2. The Needy Church
  3. The Christian China
  4. The Missionary Church

How has our understanding of China’s past and present shaped our expectations for the future? What have been the consequences? In what ways have we become victims of our own narratives? Our stories may say as much about ourselves as they do about the church in China.

Date: February 10, 2020
Time: 7:00-8:00pm, US Central Time
Host: Joann Pittman; Presenter: Dr. Brent Fulton
Platform: WebinarJam—webinar details will be sent to you upon registration
Cost: US$10.00

Register Here

ChinaSource Connect in the Minneapolis-St. Paul area, USA

As the regulatory climate continues to tighten in China, many believers (local and foreign) are experiencing opposition. The global church needs to stand ready to encourage, support, partner with, and humbly learn from the church in China as they navigate this “new normal.” To bless the Chinese church the worldwide church needs to be informed and aware. Join the ChinaSource team as we talk about what’s been going on in China, share updates on our recent activities, as well as ways that you can partner with us in serving with China.

If you know of friends or other organizations involved in or even just curious about Christianity in China, please invite them as well.

Date: Friday, February 21, 2020
Time: 6:30-7:00pm refreshments, 7:00-8:30pm program
Venue: Cedar Valley Church
Address: 8600 Bloomington Ave S. Bloomington, MN 55425

Since refreshments will be provided, we would appreciate your RSVP by February 7, 2019 so we can prepare food accordingly.


ChinaSource Team News

  • On January 12, Joann Pittman spoke to a Sunday School class at GracePoint Church in New Brighton, MN. 
  • Joann Pittman was on the second half of Faith Radio’s “Afternoons with Bill Arnold” on January 13 speaking on “A Deeper Look at Life and Faith in China.” 
  • On January 17 Joann Pittman gave a talk at the Center for Religion and Chinese Society at Purdue University on “Three Decades in China: Four Trends.”
  • Also on January 17 Joann Pittman started two days of orientation for China-bound students at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana.

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