Stories of Faith from Chinese University Alumni

Chinese Church Voices

The Unexpected Journey of a University Student

Alone, wretched, and bewildered, I was unaware that God was softening my hard heart in this time of darkness, and he was quietly opening a door to eternal happiness.

Chinese Church Voices

The Testimony of a Seeker

During my sophomore year of college, I once again encountered the gospel.

Chinese Church Voices

I Was Cornered but God Heard My Prayer

I silently whispered in my heart, “God, if you really exist, and if you really are omnipotent, please tell me what my next step should be. Please guide me."

Chinese Church Voices

An Engineering Student at Tsinghua University Comes to Faith

The first in a new series featuring testimonies from alumni of Tsinghua University and Peking University.

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Capturing Chinese Stories

What if the flow of Christian resources, theology, leadership, and insight is also turning, such that the Chinese church has a fresh opportunity to serve at the forefront of these things and the church in the West can listen and glean and learn from the faithful in China?