Stories of Faith from Chinese University Alumni

This series consists of testimonies of Tsinghua University and Peking University alumni. The testimonies are translations of selected chapters from books published by ReFrame MinistriesThe Reason for You II: Tsinghua Testimonies and three volumes of Peking University Testimonies. In each case we post an excerpt from a testimony and include a link to the full testimony in downloadable form.

For more information about these testimonies, see “Capturing Chinese Stories.”

Chinese Church Voices

A Hydraulics Engineer Finds True Success

In the world’s eyes, I seemed successful. I had graduated from a famous university and stayed to teach there. . . . I wasn’t “left-over” in the marriage market and got married at the age of 26. If this was what a successful life looked like, then I’d rather give it all up, in exchange for the treasure I got after the age of 30—my Lord Jesus Christ.

Chinese Church Voices

God’s Grace in the Life of a Peking University Grad

Through a period of increased study and consideration, and through joining fellowships and studying the Bible, I came to conclude that “the world was created” was the most reasonable answer to be found. I could no longer deny God’s existence.

Chinese Church Voices

The Testimony of a Third Generation Believer at Peking University

I was born into a Christian family, but that did not mean that I naturally believed in God.

Chinese Church Voices

The Faith of One Who Grew up at Peking University

My relationship with Peking University began with my parents. . . . I was born at the university’s school hospital and grew up attending the university’s affiliated preschool, elementary school, and high school. Then in 1992, I received a recommendation to attend Peking University and later became a student of chemistry at the school.

Chinese Church Voices

The Unexpected Journey of a University Student

Alone, wretched, and bewildered, I was unaware that God was softening my hard heart in this time of darkness, and he was quietly opening a door to eternal happiness.

Chinese Church Voices

The Testimony of a Seeker

During my sophomore year of college, I once again encountered the gospel.

Chinese Church Voices

I Was Cornered but God Heard My Prayer

I silently whispered in my heart, “God, if you really exist, and if you really are omnipotent, please tell me what my next step should be. Please guide me."

Chinese Church Voices

An Engineering Student at Tsinghua University Comes to Faith

The first in a new series featuring testimonies from alumni of Tsinghua University and Peking University.

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Capturing Chinese Stories

What if the flow of Christian resources, theology, leadership, and insight is also turning, such that the Chinese church has a fresh opportunity to serve at the forefront of these things and the church in the West can listen and glean and learn from the faithful in China?