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The dragon in Chinese mythology is seen as a friendly and auspicious being, while Western Christians typically see dragons as negative—as the enemy in fairy tales or the Devil in the Bible. How can Chinese Christians resolve this paradox? ChinaSource ran a series of articles in 2024 examining the question, with contributions from Chinese pastors, scholars, and Western gospel workers. The resulting series take into account history, Scripture, and culture while coming to nuanced and careful answers.

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Dragons and Devotion: Bridging Cultural Heritage with Christian Faith

I am not Chinese, and yet I was so helped by this exploration of the Year of the Dragon. And I realize that for my Chinese Christian brothers and sisters this series of articles may have produced a much deeper sense of relief than mine. For this I am grateful and looking forward to an eternity in which I can know them better.

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Taking Another Look at the Chinese Dragon

Chinese Christians are not only receivers of traditional culture but also reformers of contemporary culture and creators of emerging culture. When reflecting on the complex relationship between the gospel and culture, we need a grand and holistic Christian worldview, capable of carrying the gospel’s tolerance of, challenge for, and renewal of culture.

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Dragons: Friend or Foe?

Reflections on the Year of the Dragon

The Bible presents us with good reasons both for celebrating dragons and for slaying them. Insofar as they represent those unfallen throne guardians of heaven, they should be duly revered; and insofar as they represent that fallen seraph Satan, they should be crushed underfoot.