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Women and the Missio Dei in China

Vol. 23, No.1

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Women with a Harmonious Purpose—The Missio Dei

From the desk of the guest editor.

Lead Article

Women in Ministry in China

The Past 50 Years

The author provides an overview of women’s roles in the church over the past 40 to 50 years of its relatively open development in China. She notes the meaningful contributions women have made, challenges they face, and suggestions for dealing with them, as well as the role of outsiders.

Supporting Article

Women Contextualizing the Gospel in Cross-cultural Settings

Taking the gospel message into another culture requires culturally integrating it, without misrepresentation, into that specific culture. Bentley looks at six different aspects involved in contextualizing the gospel.

Supporting Article

Missional Mothering in China

This mother and ministry worker shares her personal encounters with God’s guidance, grace, and power throughout her varied experiences in pioneer church planting and raising a family in frontier areas of China.

Supporting Article

Lives Transformed and Treasured

Serving with an unreached people group, the author focuses on the wisdom needed as she and her family served these people. She gives examples of women whose lives were transformed and explains how, over time, that happened.

Supporting Article

Single Women Ministering in China

The author looks briefly at pertinent facts regarding a woman’s role in China, in the church, and for single women serving in the church. She details seven motivating factors that keep single women active in ministry.

Book Reviews

Poetry in Blood

A Book Review

Lian Xi recounts the story of a Chinese, Christian, political dissident during the Mao era. Imprisoned, tortured, and then executed in 1968 at the height of the Cultural Revolution, Lin Zhao wrote from prison using her own blood. The author draws on these writings as well as a wide range of interviews to tell her story.

ChinaSource Perspective

Tea and Evangelism

ChinaSource Vice President of Partnership and China Engagement, Joann Pittman, recounts her observations of women in ministry over her 20 years spent in China.

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Images courtesy of  Randy Posslenzny, Ray Smith, Gaylan Yeung, and the Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christians.

Hope Bentley

Hope Bentley (pseudonym) served in East Asia for thirty years. She has been involved in teaching and training throughout her cross-cultural career.View Full Bio