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Families in China

Vol. 10, No. 3

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The Changing Chinese Family

Editor's Note: This editorial originally appeared in "The Family in China" (ChinaSource Quarterly, 2008 Fall).

Lead Article

The Family in China

What are the major shifts that have taken place in Chinese families over the years and what have been the underlying causes behind them?

Supporting Article

Family Therapy of Grief in Earthquakes

In the days following the Sichuan earthquake, the need for appropriate grief therapy was evident. The role religion plays in therapy for families dealing with trauma is highlighted in the efforts that were made to aid the victims.

Supporting Article

Maybe It Doesn’t Take a Village

Globalization's Challenge to the Traditional Chinese Family

The effects of globalization are having a huge, lasting impact on China's families.

View From the Wall

China’s Modern Family Problems

Internal migration is affecting the structure of Chinas families while urban family life presents problems of its own.

Peoples of China

A Call to True Worship

HIV/AIDS is devastating many Chinese families. The government response is improving but limited. What can the church do?

Book Reviews

The China beyond Bicycles and Baozi*

China Vignettes: An Inside Look at China by Dominic Barton with Mei Ye. 

Reviewed by Andrew Kaiser

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