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3 Questions: Interview with Scott Callaham

Songs from the Heart

《心中音乐》(Xin Zhong Yinyue, Songs from the Heart), a hymnbook by Scott Callaham is now available. Songs from the Heart includes 41 hymns written inChinese with Western music notation, Chinese-style numerical notation, and guitar chords for each hymn.

Joann Pittman recently talked with Scott to find out more about how a former submariner from Texas ended up composing hymns in Chinese. She posed three questions:

  1. Can you briefly describe this hymnal?
  2. How did it come about?
  3. Who is it written for? Who will most benefit from it?

This “3 Questions” video interview is also on YouTube.

The hymnbook is available from GlossaHouse or Amazon.

The songs (MP3) can be purchased and downloaded from GlossaHouse.

Scott would like to make the hymnbook available to churches in the mainland. If you have friends or partners in China you would like to share this resource with, please contact Scott directly ( for more information.

For more, see Scott’s Vimeo channel here.

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