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3 Questions: Interview with Mike Frith, Founder and Director of OSCAR

From the series 3 Questions

ChinaSource is excited to be partnering with OSCAR, which stands for One Stop Center for Advice and Resources, to help inform the global church about what God is doing in China.

Joann Pittman recently spoke with Mike Frith, the founder and director of OSCAR, to learn more about the work of OSCAR in general, and the “British Culture Orientation” course in particular.

In the “3 Questions” video interview, Joann asks:

  1. Please tell us who and what is OSCAR. What are you up to with this organization?

  2. What do people who come from Asia or North America see as quirky or different about British culture?

  3. How can a course like “British Culture Orientation” be useful for churches or people ministering among the recent immigrants from China and Hong Kong? How do they find out about it?

This “3 Questions” video interview is also on YouTube.

Please take the time to check out the fantastic resources available on OSCAR.

You can also find OSCAR on Twitter and Facebook.

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Image credit: 五玄土 ORIENTO on Unsplash.
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