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I Was All Prepared to Share—Or So I Thought!

Being prepared to share what I believe is a vital part of my spiritual wellbeing; here is an important tool for being prepared and knowing when others are prepared to hear.

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Connecting with Chinese International Students

A Book Review

A helpful, comprehensive introduction to today’s Chinese international students and how to share the gospel with cultural wisdom.

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Reaching Those Who Aren’t Interested

An approach and an opportunity reaching the Chinese community in America in Chicago and beyond.

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The Chinese American Church as a New Community for Self-Identification

Thoughts While Reading the 2020 Winter Issue of CSQ

Understanding the cultural distinctiveness of the Chinese immigrant community doesn’t downplay the role scripture plays in reorganizing one’s philosophical frameworks, and the Holy Spirit’s role in illuminating one’s mind and hear—it helps us to further differentiate the substance of the gospel and the outward forms of the gospel.

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An Online Missions Convention

Ambassadors for Christ's triennial Chinese Mission Convention was a great way to close out 2020.

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Gaining Perspective on the Chinese American Christian Diaspora

We are grateful to the contributors of the winter ChinaSource Quarterly for providing us the opportunity to be richly informed in such a crucial season. I hope we can all come to this reading as humble learners, challenged to seek, understand, and grow.

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The Christian World They Made Together: 1850–1911

History of Chinese Christianity in North America (1)

The author explains the growth of the Chinese diaspora and Chinese immigration to the United States and Canada as well as the events that gave birth to North American Chinese Christianity.

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Additional Factors for Reaching the 2nd Generation and a Challenge

Principles for reaching second generation Chinese Americans—for parents and churches.