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Entering a New Season

As I write this, the blistering heat of summer has begun giving way to cooler temperatures. A dry wind rustles through the trees. Their leaves are showing the first signs of turning. Change is in the air. 

At ChinaSource we are also experiencing a time of change.  

ChinaSource is entering its third decade with a renewed mission and vision. The opportunities we face and the times in which find ourselves call for new leadership to take ChinaSource into the future. 

For 20 years it has been a privilege to steward ChinaSource as God has raised up this organization to serve many who are engaged in China in various ways.  

Over the past year it has become clear that the time has come for me to move out of my current role. Thus, as Board Chair Victor Hou explained in the latest issue of The Lantern, we are currently engaged in a search process to identify who will lead ChinaSource into its next chapter. 

In preparing for a season of personal transition, Jasmine and I are grateful for the opportunity to begin a sabbatical in mid October. We look forward to a time of reflection—a chance to unpack the treasures from our journey of walking with Chinese believers and those who serve with them over the past two decades. Throughout these years we have had the joy of seeing the church emerge from the shadows to assume a new place of prominence in China’s rapidly urbanizing society.  

Observing this evolution, the thought has crossed our minds more than a few times, “But you can’t do that in China . . .”  

Yet there they were, doing the impossible, which over time became the norm for a new generation of Chinese Christians. Their courage, faith and resourcefulness continue to amaze. Their example has been a source of constant inspiration. It gives hope for the future as the church faces uncertain days ahead.

We also look forward in the coming months to shifting from our normal routine, which has been focused very much on doing, to concentrate more intentionally on our being. We know that God’s purpose in life transitions often has more to do with the work he is doing internally than with our external roles or circumstances. We are grateful for his leading us into a place where this “heartwork” can happen.

During this season our ChinaSource team remains committed to providing the same high quality resources that many in the ministry community and beyond have come to expect from ChinaSource. New initiatives are being planned to broaden our reach within China and globally. Our board has been working diligently and we have an interim leader in place to ensure continuity in my absence and ensure a smooth transition. 

Throughout the past two decades it has been you—our readers, contributors, ministry partners and supporters—who have made the ChinaSource vision a reality. Thank you for your continued partnership as we prepare to enter an exciting new season. 

Brent Fulton

Brent Fulton

Brent Fulton is the founder of ChinaSource.  Prior to assuming his current position, he served from 1995 to 2000 as the managing director of the Institute for Chinese Studies at Wheaton College. From 1987 to 1995 he served as founding US director of China Ministries International, and from 1985 to... View Full Bio

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