Looming Transitions

Starting and Finishing Well in Cross-Cultural Service

When you go abroad to serve, you’re thinking about the language, the losses, and the excitement. When you return home you’re thinking about your friends and family, the losses, and the relief. Most aren’t thinking about the process of transition—and yet if you do, it can make the difference between a smooth entry and re-entry, or a decidedly bumpy landing.

Veteran of serving abroad Amy Young is the perfect companion to guide you through the much-neglected process of transitions. Practical in nature, Looming Transitions places a strong emphasis on:

  • Keeping your soul fertile as you stay grounded in Christ
  • Looking for the lighter moments
  • Learning about yourself
  • Helping others
  • Making lists
  • Leaning into grief as you prepare for your transition

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Amy Young

Amy Young

Amy Young wants to help people find the sweet spot between burn out and rust out with ongoing personal and professional development. Founder of Global Trellis, co-founder of Velvet Ashes, she personally blogs at Messy Middle, and is the author of four books (Looming Transitions, Love, Amy, Enjoying Newsletters, and Getting Started. You too can live …View Full Bio