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Thank you!

We were hoping for 100 new subscribers and gained 186!

From those new subscribers, we drew three random email addresses and sent each a US$25 Amazon Gift Card. Congratulations to our three gift card recipients!

We were curious as to who our new subscribers might be so we asked each a bit about themselves.

Of the three, two reside in China and one, at least at the moment, lives in Hong Kong.

All three are involved in work with ministry aspects; one works with agriculture development.

Two of the three heard about the blog through our sister publication ZGBriefs; the third through a ChinaSource email.

That's a very small, albeit interesting, sample of the 186 who subscribed to the ChinaSource Blog. We'd love to hear from more of you.

We'd be interested to know:

  • Where you currently reside?
  • Why are you interested in China and the church in China?
  • How did you hear about the ChinaSource Blog?

And two additional questions:

  • What topics are you interested in reading more about?
  • Would you be interested in joining our team of bloggers? What would you like to blog about?

Just click and email us with your feedback.

Again, thank you for helping us exceed our goal during February New Subscribers Month!

We look forward to expanding and developing our ongoing conversation about China and the Chinese church.

The ChinaSource Blog Team

Image credit: Chinese Caligraphy Lesson, by Mark, via Flickr

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