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Narci Herr

Narci Herr and her husband, Glenn, lived for just over 30 years in Hong Kong. They were first involved in working with the church in Hong Kong and then for the last 20 years of their time in Asia they served workers living in China. During that time Glenn traveled extensively throughout China and Narci taught Hebrew and theological English at a Hong Kong seminary.

The Herrs moved to Saint Louis in 2013 and have continued to serve the China-ministry community through their work with ChinaSource. They have four adult children, three living in the US and one who has returned to work in Hong Kong.

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3 Questions: Far East Deep South

An Interview with Director Larissa Lam

"Chinese people in Mississippi? What happened there?"

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Heading Home with Jesus

A Book Recommendation

A book for those reaching out to Chinese students and scholars with the gospel.

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Spanning the Gap for Returnees

Is your outreach to internationals causing students to get lost in the gap as they return to their home? Consider how to serve them better through partnership. 

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A Winter Reading Recommendation

Find a warm, comfortable spot and enjoy this excerpt from Stranger in Every Land: Reflections of a Transcultural Adult in a Shrinking World.

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3 Questions: Where Bread and Benefit Intersect

Serving hearing-impaired children and adults in Changsha. 

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Voices from Hong Kong

On the 20th Anniversary of the Hong Kong SAR

Were you hopeful or pessimistic about Hong Kong's future in 1997? How do you feel now on the 20th anniversary of the handover?

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Effective Outreach among Chinese—No Visa Required

 China in Our Midst: Reaching Chinese International Students in America by Glen Osborn and Daniel Su of China Outreach Ministries (COM) will help anyone who wants to get involved in serving and reaching Chinese students but is uncertain about how to do it or wonders if they are qualified.

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Celebrating Mothers—in China

Mothers are celebrated on many different days around the world. In every month of the year, except January and September, Mother’s Day—or Mothering Sunday in the UK—is celebrated in some country somewhere in the world. In many countries, including China, mothers are celebrated on the second Sunday of May.

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Getting Out of the Bubble

Shortly after we moved back to the States after living in Asia for many years, a Chinese researcher from a major university in China approached us asking if he could spend his last month in the US living with us. It wasn’t that his lease had expired or his stipend was running low. Rather, he realized that although he had lived in the American Midwest for a year doing research at a well-respected American university—he had experienced very little of American life and had very few non-Chinese friends.

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The Chinese Students on Your Doorstep

If you live near a major university, chances are you will meet a student or researcher from China. In the 2013-14 academic year there were 274,439 students from China studying in the US at the university level. That is 31% of all international students studying in the US. This year there are 600 freshman at the University of Illinois—nearly one out of every ten new freshmen.  No wonder they have started Mandarin broadcasts of their football games!