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ResearchShare—A New Resource from ChinaSource

“Resource” and “ChinaSource” share a common word—“source.” A resource is a source for something, it can be a source for supply or support, wealth or revenue, a natural feature or phenomenon, or information or expertise.1 In the case of ChinaSource, one of the key components of our work is to be a source of information and analysis for “educating the global church on critical issues facing the church and ministries in China.”2

Recently we decided to add a new resource to our website called “ResearchShare.” ResearchShare is a place where those in the ChinaSource community can share their research, projects, and academic papers. As our most recent ResearchShare contributor said, “Thank you again for allowing this thesis to be used for more than an assignment!” While I am sure the writer benefitted personally from researching and writing the paper, how much better if it can also be a source of information and a prod to further thought for others who are also interested in the church in China and those who serve there and from there. And that’s what ResearchShare is all about.

The most recent addition to ResearchShare is a master’s thesis on the implications of honor-shame culture on the retention and attrition of cross-cultural workers going out from China to reach others with the gospel of Jesus Christ. You can read about it and download the paper at ChinaSource | Honor-Shame Culture and Its Impact on Chinese Missionary Retention and Attrition.

This collection of original research and projects that we call ResearchShare is a work in progress. We are still fine-tuning the process for submitting papers, but we didn’t want to wait until we have all the details sorted to start making helpful and thought-provoking information and perspectives available to you.

If you are looking for a place to share your research, projects, or academic papers, contact us and we can talk about your work being part of ResearchShare. 

And one more thing, if the topic of the most recent addition to ResearchShare—the implications of honor-shame culture on the retention and attrition of cross-cultural workers going out from China—piques your curiosity, you might also be interested in our upcoming webinar with Jackson Wu, ChinaSource | Confucian Shame in Christian Thinking. It’s free; all you need to do is register.


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Narci Herr

Narci Herr

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