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Being Prolife in China

How can the church make a difference when the state controls family life?

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Memories of Celebrating Easter

Happy Easter from ChinaSource!

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Understanding the Challenges of Cross-cultural Workers from China

A New ResearchShare Paper

A PhD dissertation analyzing the experiences of cross-cultural workers sent from China is now available in Chinese.

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2021’s Top 10 ChinaSource Blog Posts

Before diving into 2022, we take a look back at the top 10 blog posts of 2021.

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Why Do Chinese Come to Faith?

An Infographic from InterVarsity International Student Ministry

Data regarding church growth in China repurposed for campus ministry among Chinese international students.

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Prepping for the Olympics

To help our readers in their Olympic-watching prep, here is a story from Chinese Church Voices about a legendary Olympian—Li Yan, a short-track speed skating athlete and coach, who happens to be from China and happens to be a Christian.

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Honoring Mothers—In China

Mother's Day. A good time to celebrate mothers.

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Happy New Year—2021!

God continues to do utterly amazing things among the nations including China. But, as in Habakkuk’s time, those things are not always easy. Yet we continue to pray and rejoice in the Lord. Join us as we take joy in the God of our salvation in this new year.

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Top 10 ChinaSource Blog Posts in 2020

We will all remember where we were and what we were doing in 2020—but will we remember what we were reading?

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平安夜, Silent Night!

Sung by the Chicago Chinese Christian Chorale.