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ZGBriefs | October 13, 2022

How Xi Will Consolidate Power at China’s Twentieth Party Congress (October 5, October 5, 2022, Council on Foreign Relations) At the Chinese Communist Party meeting, leader Xi Jinping will likely receive a third term. Here’s what that could mean for his control of China and the party.

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Partnership—the Key to Reentry

To help Christians be better prepared to return to their home countries, true partnerships are needed.

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A Tool for Studying the Chinese Bible

A helpful reference work for those called to dig deeper into God's word in a Chinese context.


ZGBriefs | July 20, 2017

The secret lives of Chinese missionaries in northern Iraq (July 16, 2017, South China Morning Post) Used to persecution at home, two young Chinese Christians say life can be more peaceful in northern Iraq, where they work with Yazidi refugees.


ZGBriefs | May 7, 2015

Draft Law: Foreign NGOs Can Open Offices with Approval (May 6, 2015, China Digital Times)
The Foreign NGO Management Law has undergone a second reading by the Standing Committee of the National People’s Congress, and will now be reviewed and revised before the third reading. The new draft contains a significant change from […]


ZGBriefs | March 2, 2023

Fragmenting network protocols – China and the end of the web as we know it (February 24, 2023, MERICS) China is rolling out a new internet protocol (IP) that threatens the fair and equal treatment of traffic on the internet, also known as net neutrality. IPv6+ is a routing system for internet data that […]


ZGBriefs | September 14, 2023

From Streets to Pages: Inside the Life of a Beijing Courier (September 13, 2023, Sixth Tone) In his latest book “Beijing Courier,” Hu Anyan recounts challenges and heartwarming encounters from his days working as a courier that helped him discover the true value of life.

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Real Relations and Real Connections

A Reader Responds to the Autumn CSQ

Whether campus ministry continues to happen primarily online, changes back to in-person, or becomes a hybrid version of the two, building relationships with students is key for the development of campus ministry.


ZGBriefs | July 16, 2020

These are the 5 Covid-19 Vaccines Currently Being Developed in China (July 12, 2020, Sixth Tone) As pandemic fears engulf the world, scientists across the globe are racing to develop a Covid-19 vaccine.


ZGBriefs | May 31, 2018

Will China finally end its one-child policy? (May 23, 2018, Lowy Institute) Scrapping the one-child policy won’t undo the damage it’s caused over more than thirty years.