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2023’s Top 10 Links of ZGBriefs

“China is complicated,” my colleague Joann Pittman often says when trying to explain what is happening in the Middle Kingdom. The list of 2023’s most-clicked links from ZGBriefs brilliantly illustrates the challenge of getting handle on current events in China. Zero-covid is over, so why are the universities still closed? It’s actually possible to visit the country again, yet we worry about being accused of being spies. There’s more surveillance and repression, yet the church in China continues to serve God and preach the gospel. China may be complicated, but God is not. He continues to build his church.

Here are the linked stories in ZGBriefs that you, dear readers, clicked on the most:

  1.  Confessions from a Chinese censorship worker (October 16, 2023, Global Voices)
    A censorship worker dubbed Blowfish Princess (河豚公主) from a major Chinese social media platform has recently revealed details of her everyday work in an interview with prominent Twitter whistle-blower Teacher Li on YouTube. Below is an English excerpt of the interview published on Global Voices with Teacher Li’s permission.

  2. How Beijing Accidentally Ended the Zero COVID Policy (January 7, 2023, The Diplomat)
    China’s central government aimed to modify the zero-covid policy incrementally following the 20th Party Congress. What went wrong?

  3. Chinese Christians Adapt Under New Restrictions (March 30, 2023, The Gospel Coalition)
    The Gospel Coalition asked Chinese pastor, Reformed theologian, and church network leader Zhang San about increasing restrictions, ways he’s seen God at work, and what worries pastors even more than registration apps or closing churches.

  4. Last Lockdown: Why Are China’s Campuses Still Closed to the Public? (June 19, 2023, The World of Chinese)
    Months after China lifted its “zero-covid” policies in December 2022, marking a sudden end to three years of mandatory testing to enter public spaces and other strict measures, one space has yet to return to normal—university campuses.

  5. Should you be frightened by China’s revision to the anti-espionage law? (May 2, 2023, The China Project)
    Last week, Beijing broadened the scope of its anti-espionage law. Some fear that it will create a more hostile environment for foreign individuals and organizations operating in China.

  6. Beijing Shouwang Church was Raided, and Pastor Zhang Xiaofeng Detained (February 10, 2023, China Aid)
    On February 8, Shouwang Church held a church service at a place they rented in Kemao Market, Zhongguancun, Beijing when it was interrupted by police. […] They announced that the gathering held by Shouwang Church was illegal pursuant to the new Regulations of Religious Affairs and the shutdown decision issued by Bureau of Civil Affairs.

  7. Xi’s China, Christ’s Kingdom, and a Suffering Church: Review: ‘Faithful Disobedience’ by Wang Yi (January 11, 2023, The Gospel Coalition)
    The rich analysis of China’s house church and its theology contained in this collection offers precious insights into one of history’s most remarkable Christian movements.

  8. 5 visa-free ways to travel to China by land, sea and air for 72 hours and up to 30 days (November 21, 2023, South China Morning Post)
    China only reopened its borders and abandoned quarantine in January after shedding three years of zero-covid. And in October and November, the Ministry of Public Security, the National Immigration Administration, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs confirmed that travelers from dozens of countries can again enter China through several visa-free schemes.

  9. China’s ‘Parachute Generation’ Grows Up (June 2, 2023, Sixth Tone)
    Prior to the pandemic, tens of thousands of Chinese kids left home every year to attend high school in the United States. Was it worth it?

  10.  The 6 Horsemen of the Apocalypse for China (January 14, 2023, The Diplomat)
    The struggles of 2022 highlighted six crises China will have to face now and into the future.

The whole ChinaSource team wishes you and your family a very happy New Year! Be sure to subscribe to ZGBriefs so you’ll get the best news stories about China, curated by our own Joann Pittman, who will be “scanning the internet so you don’t have to.”

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Image credit: Himuraseta via Pixabay.
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