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How the Church Grows in China

Getting beyond how many Christians there are in China to how is this remarkable growth of the church taking place.

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5 Thoughts on How the Church Grows

Within Chinese culture and society and within the Chinese church, an individual deciding to be baptized makes an important st atement. We often hear of individuals who say they believe but are unwilling to be baptized. Some of the reasons stem from not feeling “good enough.” There is often family or social pressure—it is […]

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Developing and Modeling a Biblical Worldview

If we believe God's word is true, we should not shy away from letting second generation youth ask questions. If students are free to ask questions in a safe environment, and are given Biblical answers, their faith will grow.

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Seeking to Understand Church Growth in China

A survey to better understand fundamental questions about the state of the church and church members in today’s China.

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Four Decades of Church Growth in China

Looking beyond the numbers to understand the factors that contributed to the unprecedented growth of the church in China.

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Communism’s Questions, Christianity’s Answers

[…] series, Steve Z. put forward five propositions about how the church grows in China. Two things stand out as surprising. The first is the absence of wh at are commonly referred to as the “four mores.” Past surveys of church growth in China have frequently led to the conclusion that the church comprises mainly […]

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Church Structure in China

Proposed Questions for Exploration

When interacting with church leaders in China, questions about the church inevitably emerge. At some point, issues concerning church structure will be brought up. How they respond will deeply affect the long term growth of the church. It is both exciting and agonizing to observe.

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Partnering toward Indigenization

Vol. 11, No. 1

The themes that emerged from the Leader Development Consultaton held in November 2008 included principles of indigenized leader developement, mutual learning to achieve indigenization, and the pursuit of indigenization in light of globalization.

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Essentials for Effective Leadership Development

With a plethora of Christian leader development programs on offer in China, it is difficult to know which are appropriate, not to mention which will ultimately prove effective. 

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Christian Evangelism in the Digital Age

Preview of the Autumn 2023 CSQ

What is the best way for Christians to engage others online? What tools are available to help spread the gospel effectively? The guest editors of the upcoming ChinaSource Quarterly attempt to answer these questions and give readers a taste of what’s to come.