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How the Church Grows in China

Getting beyond how many Christians there are in China to how is this remarkable growth of the church taking place.

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Partnering toward Indigenization

Vol. 11, No. 1

The themes that emerged from the Leader Development Consultaton held in November 2008 included principles of indigenized leader developement, mutual learning to achieve indigenization, and the pursuit of indigenization in light of globalization.

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Communism’s Questions, Christianity’s Answers

[…] series, Steve Z. put forward five propositions about how the church grows in China. Two things stand out as surprising. The first is the absence of wh at are commonly referred to as the “four mores.” Past surveys of church growth in China have frequently led to the conclusion that the church comprises mainly […]

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Change, Stasis and Opportunity

Exploring Chinas Developmental Trajectory

The author asserts th at while the pace of development in China has been frenetic and its economic growth historic, there have been few substantive changes in the nation. He then addresses current trends in China, reflects on what they mean for Chinese society and the Chinese church and looks at implications for ministry […]

Chinese Church Voices

The Church Today

A Chinese Christian writes about ecclesiology in China

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Essentials for Effective Leadership Development

With a plethora of Christian leader development programs on offer in China, it is difficult to know which are appropriate, not to mention which will ultimately prove effective. 

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What Is Our Role?

Toward a Set of Shared Considerations for Outside Involvement in Chinese Leadership Development

In the decades since China's opening to the outside world, literally hundreds of organizations, educational institutions and churches have responded to the perceived need for training leaders to shepherd China's rapidly growing church. A discussion of what role Christians from outside China should play in responding to the need as the church grows and develops.

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Biblical Mandates, God’s Calling, and Overseas Workers in China

Is the role of foreign workers in China changing? Yes and no. The biblical mandates remain unchanged: go into all the world; make disciples of all nations; love your neighbor; build my church. These scriptural imperatives also remain unfinished. Is the role of the foreign worker changing? It depends on where the worker is […]

Peoples of China

Church Structure in China

Proposed Questions for Exploration

When interacting with church leaders in China, questions about the church inevitably emerge. At some point, issues concerning church structure will be brought up. How they respond will deeply affect the long term growth of the church. It is both exciting and agonizing to observe.

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Seeking to Understand Church Growth in China

A survey to better understand fundamental questions about the state of the church and church members in today’s China.