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A Way Forward

“China’s Urban Churches Moving Forward” and other webinars from the Asia 2021 Congress.

Chinese Church Voices

A New Tool for Suppressing Churches?

Rental leases being used to suppress Chinese house churches.

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A Government Mouthpiece Reports on a Missionary Movement

Over the past couple of months, we have published on Chinese Church Voices a number of posts about the growing awareness of the importance and practice of cross-cultural missions by Chinese churches. 

Chinese Church Voices

Pastor Jin on the Church and Social Responsibility

A pastor of a large house church in Beijing talks about the lessons the Chinese church can learn from the church in South Korea. 

Chinese Church Voices

The Rise of a Missions-minded Chinese Church

While much attention has been given in the West to the Chinese church's Back to Jerusalem vision, the realization of this vision has been a slow and difficult process.

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A New Era for House Church Leaders

The church in China is experiencing change in strategy as well as a change in position. It is preparing to engage the world.