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Christian Suffering: Remembering Xu Guoyong

Late last year, a Christian crowdfunding drive made headlines and sparked controversy on Chinese social media. Luo Er, the father of a five-year-old girl with leukemia, posted an article online in which he vented his frustration at God. Luo demanded that Jesus heal his daughter otherwise he would stop believing in him. Thousands of people read the article and donated over 2 million RMB ($290,000USD) to help pay for the medical expenses of the family. Tragically, Luo’s daughter died shortly after Luo started the campaign. Luo was later arrested for fraud and fined. Chinese Christians have hotly debated the incident, many questioning Luo’s intentions and asking how Christians should respond in the midst of such suffering. One response to these questions of suffering comes from a writer for OC Gospel. “Rachel” reflects on the Luo incident by remembering another tragic story of Christian suffering.

Chinese Church Voices

To My Daughter Leyi

Brother Xu Guoyong, co-founder of Oak Tree Press in Beijing, was killed in an accident while attending a conference in the United States in January. In this excerpt from his writings he reflected on the life of his first daughter, Leyi, who died tragically during the time he and his wife were imprisoned for their faith.