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Book Review: Schism

Seventh-Day Adventism in Post-Denominational China

Christie Chow… demonstrates that assorted religious and denominational commitments can also profoundly influence the development and success of Christianity in China.

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The “Wenzhou Model” and Missions from China

Fulton analyzes the “Wenzhou Model” of missions for how it might be used in twenty-first century missions. He points out some of its strengths, liabilities, and aspects that can be replicated in today’s world and others that cannot.

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Good Neighbor Model of Missions

A New Path for Wenzhou Evangelism

The Wenzhou model for missions is examined; its origins, development, and characteristics, along with its strengths and weaknesses are discussed.

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Left-behind Children and the Rural Church

As China develops and urbanization accelerates, so does the number of Christians flowing out of the countryside. This has left many rural churches with shrinking numbers and aging congregations. 

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Conversations from Reformation 500

Excerpts from conversations with mainland attendees of the Reformation 500 and the Gospel conference held in Hong Kong in May 2017.

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Deconstructing China’s Jerusalem?

Reading Cao Nanlai’s classic Constructing China’s Jerusalem  in light of the highly publicized attacks on Wenzhou churches, the obvious question is whether the “Wenzhou model,” as Cao describes it, is still intact, or whether government intervention has significantly altered the formula of church growth and cultural transformation.

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The Last China Inland Mission Pastor

It is easy to think of the China Inland Mission era as being in the distant past. This article, translated from the mainland site Christian Times reminds us that it is not as far away as we thought.

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A Bishop Protests

As the cross demolition campaign in Zhejiang Province continues (despite earlier reports of an order to bring it to a close), Protestant and Catholic believers are beginning to push back. Last week a small group of Catholics staged a demonstration outside of the government offices in Wenzhou, calling on the government to halt the campaign. 

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Crossing the Lines in Wenzhou

The latest episode in the government’s attack on Christian churches in Wenzhou is the drafting of regulations outlining precise limits on the size and location of religious buildings and the size and placement of crosses.

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The State of Chinese Urban Churches

In this week’s Chinese Church Voices, we republish a post from the excellent China Partnership Blog. Last autumn China Partnership held a conference in Atlanta, centered on the topic “The Church in a Global-Local World.” Many of the speakers at the conference were church leaders from China. One of them gave a talk titled “The State of Chinese Urban Churches.” The speaker looks at the situation from three different perspectives: the Chinese value system, the political system, and the expansion of Christianity. China Partnership originally published it on their blog in February. It is reposted here in full, with permission.