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Being Prolife in China

How can the church make a difference when the state controls family life?

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Reformed Churches and Church/State Relationships

China’s Reformed churches have a unified view stating that there is separation between church and state: they are two different domains. Since the application of this principle varies by region, the author summarizes four differing perspectives.

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Thoughts on Culture and Contextualization

The church does not exist in a vacuum. It responds to various cultural factors which raises many questions about the contextualization of the gospel. This article analyzes some key features of the cultural context of Chinese house churches.

Chinese Church Voices

Paratroopers and Motorboats

A sermon

A pastor exhorts his people to imitate Christ and to "be confident in the Lord, more bold to speak the word, without fear."

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Red Lines

Seeking to understand and pray for Early Rain Covenant Church.