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Just Listen

“If the… global body of Christ can be there and say, ‘We are together here with you. I have my struggles, and you have your struggles, but we are together, praying to God together and seeking his guidance and help together,’…that can be very comforting and can be an encouragement.”

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Lives Transformed and Treasured

Serving with an unreached people group, the author focuses on the wisdom needed as she and her family served these people. She gives examples of women whose lives were transformed and explains how, over time, that happened.

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Doors Are Still Open

With an Appropriate Approach

Green farming and the gospel. 

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From Every Tribe and Language and People and Nation

Tools in English and Chinese for praying for unreached people groups.

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The Relational Journey of Indigenous Ministry

Questions for those who are working themselves out of a job, or for those who should be . . .

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3 Questions: David Joannes

A ChinaSource 3 Questions interview with David Joannes, president and founder of Within Reach Global and author of The Space between Memories

Peoples of China

Technology and Unreached Peoples

Will the technological advances taking place in China effectively bring the good news to the unreached peoples of China?

Peoples of China

The Church among the Peoples of China

Are the people groups of China responding to the gospel?

Peoples of China

Discipling the Unreached Peoples of China

The Adopt-a-People concept has caught on, and many individuals, churches, and agencies are making a focus on a particular people group the heart of their mission strategy. Here are some suggestions relating to the challenge of actually reaching the peoples of China with the gospel.