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The Impact of a Gospel-Centered Life

A Reflection on the Ministry and Writings of Timothy Keller

Timothy Keller’s passing is a cause for mourning. The Christian community has lost a champion of the faith, but I cannot help but feel joy and hope as I watched him from afar; as he faced the news of cancer, struggled through treatment, and never let go of the gospel even to the end. His testimony of a life well-lived . . . fills me with hope.

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The “Model Minority” Myth in the Chinese American Church

Today's Challenges

In the United States, Asian Americans, including Chinese Americans, have been presented as sterling examples of immigrants who have ascended through the ranks to achieve the American dream. Lee explores this concept, how Chinese Americans see themselves, and the impact of this perception upon their faith and church life.

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A Free Resource

"Gospel in Life"

Our friends at the International Outreach department of The Gospel Coalition (TGC) are offering a free resource to those serving in China—Tim Keller’s Gospel in Life, in simplified Chinese. 

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Calvinism on the Ground in China

In recent years Calvinism has become an increasingly common topic of discussion within Chinese Christian circles. This trend has not gone unnoticed, and many scholars of Christianity in China are working to document and understand the growth of Reformed Christianity within the mainland. 

Chinese Church Voices

Interview with a Reformed Church Pastor (1)

One of the interesting developments in the church in China over the past decade is growing popularity and influence of Reformed theology, particularly within urban house churches. This has come about as the Christians in China have had increasing opportunities to interact with the church outside of China, either directly, or via the Internet. Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion has been translated into Chinese, as have the writings of prominent voices in the “New Calvinism” movement in the United States, such as Tim Keller, D.A. Carson, and John Piper. Probably the most influential figure, however, is Rev. Stephen Tong, head of the Reformed Evangelical Church of Indonesia.