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Another Look at the Life of Eric Liddell

A Book Review

A number of books have been written about Eric Liddell, but this one is different.

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A city in the shadow of Beijing—but well worth a visit.

Chinese Church Voices

The People and Places of Chinese Soccer

China’s long history with soccer and the influence of missionaries in its modern development.  

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Not Enough Hands

My love for China started in 1973 when I was adopted by Chinese immigrants in America. My heart for adoption sent me to China in 2007 to welcome my adopted Chinese daughter into my family. These two elements of who I am brought me and my family to live, breathe, and become a part of China’s heartbeat in Tianjin five years ago.

Chinese Church Voices

Reflections on the Tianjin Explosion

On August 12, 2015, a series of massive explosions ripped through a container storage station in the Binhai New Area district of the port city of Tianjin. The station is known to have been a storage site for hazardous materials. The two largest blasts were the equivalent of three tons and 21 tons of TNT respectively, with the second being picked up by weather satellites orbiting earth. Over 150 people were killed and over 700 were injured. The cause of the explosions is still unknown.

Eyewitness videos of the blast quickly spread online, followed by earnest questions regarding safety and responsibility. The Christian publication Territory joined in the discussion by asking readers to share how they were affected by the blasts.