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Saving Grandmother’s Face and Other Tales from Christian Teachers in China

A Book Review

While it is difficult for foreigners to teach in China today, it is not impossible and still well worthwhile. The book reviewed here will bring back poignant memories for many and, we trust, be a reminder to pray for those who are still teaching in China.

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Café Encounters

A paradox—closed, yet an openness that I’ve never encountered before.

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I’ve never felt so powerless. I’ve never felt so tired. And I’ve never felt more dependent upon a higher power to be the glue that holds my fragile, fragmented life together.

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I Wish They Knew

A university teacher in China answers the question, "Do you have a list of things you wish foreigners knew when they came to your campus?”

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In Exile—Still Waiting

I’ve asked God during these days if he really is completely sovereign and he has answered clearly that he is. I’ve asked him if my identity is truly secure in him and not the work and life I suddenly lost. It is. I’ve asked him if all of this could really be for my good. It is. And I’ve prayed that he would help me say blessed be the name of the Lord. He has.

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Sunday School Training in China

A Christian worker tells of her experiences in training children’s Sunday school teachers in TSPM churches throughout many areas of China. She also shares the design of her training sessions and makes clear the importance of Sunday school.

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Serving in a Minority Area

Finding ways to get to know people on a deeper level.

ChinaSource Quarterlies

Teaching in China

Vol. 20, No. 4

Winter 2018

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Professionalism and Witness in TESOL

Professionalism is a dimension of integrity and necessary for expatriate English teachers. Witness is an integral aspect of education. Neither should be neglected.

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Resources about Teaching in China

The resources listed deal with the theology and practice of teaching in the context of Christian mission with authors representing a variety of viewpoints.