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China and Me

Growing up as I did in China, I had the privilege of listening and learning from many people who passed through our home and life.

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The Coronavirus Dashed My Dreams

Thoughts from a TCK about Her Senior Year

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. My last semester as a senior was supposed to be fun—and memorable.

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Returning “Home”

Thinking through What Matters For Families

We continue to hear of cross-cultural workers and their families leaving China—often returning to a "home" culture that no longer feels quite like home. How can parents help their children through this transition?

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Going to School in China

The Stories of 3 Asian TCKs

When parents move to China with their children, education is always a big concern. Three Asian TCKs tell their stories.

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The Impact of School Culture

What is considered normal and acceptable in education varies from culture to culture. Understanding cultural values is crucial for students to succeed. 

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Mending the Fractures

Celebrating and Grieving the TCK Story

A TCK responds with three ways she's learned to respond to feeling like "everybody leaves" and "no one understands."

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Two Key Lessons from a TCK Childhood

Goodbyes and being misunderstood—two experiences shared by TCKs.

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TCKs in the 21st Century

What are the unique challeges facing the TCKs of today?

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The Three Cultures of a Third Culture Kid

TCKs do not grow up in any one culture, but in between them, under the influence of multiple cultures.