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Chinese Upbringing and US Culture

A Third-Culture Kid Bridges East and West

Pray that the Chinese Gen Z can find their true meaning and identity, that their worth would not in their achievements, but of a higher force.

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Dragons and Devotion: Bridging Cultural Heritage with Christian Faith

I am not Chinese, and yet I was so helped by this exploration of the Year of the Dragon. And I realize that for my Chinese Christian brothers and sisters this series of articles may have produced a much deeper sense of relief than mine. For this I am grateful and looking forward to an eternity in which I can know them better.

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Why the Mother Tongue Matters

The Root of Connection and Cultural Vitality

Language is culture. Our mother tongue keeps our cultural heritage alive. The mother tongue helps us stay connected to our traditional, cultural values and our roots.

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How Are Your TCKs Doing?

In the past 18 months, our family has lived in six borrowed homes in two states. This has been the result of planning, packing, obtaining visas, multiple COVID tests, and then being denied the needed green code twice in our attempts to return to China

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China and Me

Growing up as I did in China, I had the privilege of listening and learning from many people who passed through our home and life.

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The Coronavirus Dashed My Dreams

Thoughts from a TCK about Her Senior Year

It wasn’t supposed to be this way. My last semester as a senior was supposed to be fun—and memorable.

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Returning “Home”

Thinking through What Matters For Families

We continue to hear of cross-cultural workers and their families leaving China—often returning to a "home" culture that no longer feels quite like home. How can parents help their children through this transition?

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Going to School in China

The Stories of 3 Asian TCKs

When parents move to China with their children, education is always a big concern. Three Asian TCKs tell their stories.

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The Impact of School Culture

What is considered normal and acceptable in education varies from culture to culture. Understanding cultural values is crucial for students to succeed. 

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Mending the Fractures

Celebrating and Grieving the TCK Story

A TCK responds with three ways she's learned to respond to feeling like "everybody leaves" and "no one understands."