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Chinese Church Voices

Closer Scrutiny of Chinese Christian Media

Censorship on Christian-themed videos seems to be stricter on an increasing number of media platforms.

Chinese Church Voices

Two Pastors Discuss the Impact of Media on the Church (2)

The coronavirus has pushed many churches in China to rethink and expand their online ministries. Huang Lei, senior pastor of XiaShang Christian Church in Wuhan, shares his thoughts on why Christians must use media in their ministry.

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Online Meeting Platforms

As the world ground to a halt this year due to the COVID pandemic, have you wondered what it would have been like to get through this without the internet?

Chinese Church Voices

In-Person vs Online Church Gatherings (2)

Pastor Zhong encourages Christians to take advantage of the stay-at-home time to “practice readiness” for future outreach and ministry.

Chinese Church Voices

In-Person vs Online Church Gatherings (1)

Exploring the relationship between traditional church and online gatherings and what might be the direction of future gatherings in the church.