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Chinese Church Voices

“Forced Marriage” and Spring Festival

A Christian Film Maker Explores the Pressure on Young People

An interview with Christian film maker Geng Haiying about his recently released documentary highlighting the problem of “forced marriages” in Chinese society today.

Chinese Church Voices

China’s Churches Celebrating the New Year

With the Covid-19 restrictions in place during the Spring Festival this year, how did China’s churches celebrate? China Christian Daily gives us glimpse of what the holiday was like for some churches in China.

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Where Did They Get That Idea?

Eploring the parallels of two different New Year celebrations.

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Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

Wherever you are this Spring Festival, may it be a special time for you with family and friends.

Chinese Church Voices

What to Take Home for the New Year

As Chinese Christians flock home for the New Year, Pastor Cheng Fengsheng encourages them to bring the most important gift of all.

Chinese Church Voices

As the Migration Pendulum Swings

Challenges Faced by Rural and Urban Churches

The temporary shift of church members from urban to rural and back to urban again during the Chinese New Year causes a Chinese Christian to reflect on the long-term challanges of China's urban migration. 

Chinese Church Voices

Serving Those Away from Home

A church in Zhangzhou shares a meal with those unable to be with their families on Chinese New Year's Eve.

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Fire, Noise, and Red! Happy New Year!

Happy Chinese New Year from the ChinaSource Team!

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China’s Fake Boyfriends

A Film Review

With Chinese New Year only two weeks away, there is definitely an energy in the air—shopping, planning trips home, booking dinners and gatherings. Underneath this flurry of festive activity lies a very real and difficult social struggle.